Goldendoodles are fun-loving, happy go lucky but intelligent family companions.  They love everyone they meet and are sure they should be lap dogs (regardless of their size !!).  Because of their tendency to be non-shedding, they make wonderful house dogs.  Many people consider them hypo-allergenic for those that have allergies.  Doodles learn very quickly which makes them a joy to work with and great prospects for service or therapy dogs.

Goldendoodles come in various sizes and colors. 

Standards are about the size of a Standard Poodle (20-27 inches) and weigh about 50-65 pounds.

Medium size Goldendoodles are approximately 14-20 inches and weigh in the 25-40 pound range.

Miniatures are under 14 inches and under 25 pounds.

 Colors can range from a solid buff to black and also parti (a multiple color much like a pinto horse).


F1  =  Golden Retriever x Poodle (Moderate Shedding)
F1B  = F1 Goldendoodle x Poodle (Minimal to no shedding)
F2 = F1 Goldendoodle X F1 Goldendoodle (Minimal to no Shedding)
Multi-Generational = Two Goldendoodle Parents or Multi-Generation X Poodle



2009 F1 Golden Male
Penn-Hip Score 90% Percentile

2012 F1B Buff Male
Penn-Hip Score 90% Percentile

2016 F1 Red Male
Penn Hip: 0.64*
Medium  F2 Female
(Daisy x Teddy)

Standard  F1B Female
(Preston x Macey)

2014 Standard F1
Scored 70% Percentile on Penn Hip
Clear for VwD

2014 Standard F1B

2014 Standard F1

2015 Standard F1
Penn-Hip Score 70% Percentile

2015 Standard F1B
Penn-Hip Score 70% Percentile

Buff F1B 2015 Female
Bred By Bar C Kennels

2016 F2 Female
(Teddy x Macey)
Penn Hip: 0.32*

2016 F2 Female
(Teddy x Piper)

2016 F2 Female
(Teddy x Piper)

2016 F1B Female
* Penn Hip Scores: Average Distraction Index (DI) for Goldendoodles is 0.52

Robin (Retired)
Silver Phantom Medium F2B 2009 Female
Parents and Grandparents Health Tested

Caroline (Retired)
Golden F1 2009 Female
Bred By Bar C Kennels
Annie (Retired)
Medium Multi-Generational 2012 Female
(Teddy X Robin)
Father Received Penn-Hip score of 90%

Stella (Retired)

Black Parti F1B 2011 Female

(Preston X Daisy)
Father Scored an OFA of "Excellent" on Hips

Lily (Retired)
Silver Phantom Medium Multi-Generational 2011 Female
(Teddy X Robin)
Father Received Penn-Hip score of 90%

Macey (Retired)

Black  F1 Female

(Brodie X Diva)
Both Parents OFA Tested

Havyn (Retired)
2013 Medium F1B
(Opie x Caroline)

Willow (Retired)
2013 Medium F1B
(Opie x Caroline)

Delilah (Retired)
2013 Multi-Generational
Daisy (Deceased)
Black F1 2006 Female
We lost Daisy on December 17, 2016.
She was a very special girl and our first Goldendoodle.


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